Learn how an ancient Japanese art form can help you heal

Our Services

We offer, classes workshops and individual sessions. 

Although it is recommended that the Haiku Healing Technique be practiced in person with a practitioner, we do offer online and phone services for those unable to meet face to face. 

About Haiku Healing

Everyone experiences trauma. It is a part of life. Whether the trauma is considered major or minor, it is still trauma. Pain is pain. And, all pain is valid. The Haiku Healing Technique can help you move forward using a neuroscientific approach. You start with the Japanese art form of Haiku, using the 5-7-5 syllabic structure to help discover and give voice to specific pieces of the traumatic memory. From this point, you move forward into other poetic forms and literary therapeutic techniques. 

About the Developer

Tammy Kaiser, MSJE, CHHP, developed the Haiku Healing Technique after surviving a workplace shooting. Her background in writing and neuroscience led her to create an innovative and peaceful technique to help individuals deal with traumatic life experiences. 

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